We had to deal with outrageously high facility charges from an out of network surgery center.  Having Ferial in our corner to advise us about how to deal with the insurance company and with the facility was a tremendous relief. Her knowledge and expertise about how insurance companies work, and how to position and negotiate to make sure we were being treated fairly gave us valuable peace of mind.  

 J Conrad

My father had a major stroke and my mom didn't know what to do.  Ferial met with us first and then the doctor to discuss management and planning. She did everything that neither none of us knew how to do and arranged for all the steps of his care.  I loved that she communicated every day with us and we were well informed.    

Camron J

Shortly after a cancer diagnosis, my doctor put in an order for a few scans for staging purposes. It was only after one of the more costly scans that I learned that my health insurance company wasn’t going to cover the bill. My doctor appealed and was denied. I appealed and was denied. I was at my wits’ end by the time I was put in contact with Ferial Maghami. She was knowledgeable and caring. She got all of the details and went to work, keeping me posted every step of the way. Her negotiating skills were well beyond what I had hoped for. In the end, I only had to pay the copay for the scan. I truly cannot thank or recommend Ferial enough.    

Terry R

We were so lost when our son was diagnosed with a serious illness and was hospitalized.  The confusion, pain, agony, and so many mixed emotions and on top of all that, having to make the right choices and planning was too much!
Ferial made herself available on a Sunday afternoon, listened and heard us, made some clear suggestions and once we approved she did the work.  It was like a ton of brick was lifted from us!  She is so caring.  

Merideth S

When you are in an overwhelming situation like having to take care of a loved one trying to find the right place for them only adds to the stress.  Ms. Maghmi researched and did visit of so many care facilities and provided us with a list including the pros and cons, cost, certification and accreditation, and recommendations.  After that it was so comforting to make the choice, and our dad is very comfortable at one of the facilities we chose for him with Ms. Maghami's detailed research. Thank you.
Debra and Tom F

We are grateful to Ferial for helping us choose the best possible health insurance for our family, manage our kids health care and insurance while in college, and to simply be there for us to problem solve.