My main objective is to help you with what you need and lift the burden so that you can be removed from unnecessary stress

We offer a range of services that you can choose from and based on where you feel our services could be more beneficial.  We offer a free consultation appointment during which we discuss how we can help you best and provide you with our recommended services.  No pressure, just simple advice on how to move forward. We will make it all fit together in order to meet your needs.

Once engaged, we will meet with you as often as necessary and discuss any concerns and offer ongoing advice and support.  We will provide you with regular updates involving your health care and health insurance related matters.  

Much like when you hire an expert such as an attorney, an accountant, or a real estate agent to manage those services for you, you need an experienced professional to represent you and remove the burden of complexities related to  the health care and health insurance and help you to resolve issues for you.


Health Care Support Services, Medical and Case Management, Care Transition


  • Care management, care coordination, and care transition between providers or care settings such as; hospital to skilled nursing, and skilled nursing to custodial or home care, to ensure provision of the most appropriate services
  • Review diagnosis andtreatment recommendations, treatments options and assistance with decision-making
  • Collection, review, explanation and discussions related to the medical records
  • Help get an elusive doctor's appointment, research treatments, file medical paperwork, or persuade an insurance company to cover a procedure, and accompaniment to appointments​
  • Support choosing the most appropriate care setting for aging parents with health care needs
  • Guidance and support with chronic illness management
  • Assisted living and nursing home assessments and recommendations
  • Daily living assistance and caregiver referrals
  • Caretaker(s) interview and screening, assessment of the appropriateness of skill set to patient’s need, and recommendation
  • Medication reviews, reconciliation and adherence including on going management
  • Medical care cost planning, budgeting, and regular status reporting
  • Assessment of the home living condition, recommendations and facilitation of necessary accommodations 
  • ​End of life and after life planning services 



Medical Billing / Health Insurance / Medicare / Provider Payment Assistance 

  • Medical bill reviews and reconciliation
  • Filing and tracking medical bill paperwork and payments
  • Health Plan review, assessment & selection between; Fee for Service, HMO, PPO, Point of Service, High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), Short term Health Plans, Medicare and Supplemental Plan, Pharmacy plans and cost management, or combinations of plans, to help you choose the right health insurance plan/payer, and providers
  • Medicare recommendations and decision-making (Advantage Plans, Medigap, others)
  • Comparing, coordinating and managing the Explantion of Benefits and provider invoices
  • Negotiations with hospitals and other providers to settle payment
  • Dispute services, appeals, and grievances management
  • Medical Billing / Health Insurance / Medicare / Payer Assistance



Additional Services


  • Worker’s Compensation assistance
  • Disability filings, coordination and management including State Disbility and Social Security Disability Insurances
  • Management of Health Savings Account (HSA) 
  • ​Prescription, Dental and Vision Plans review and recommendations
  • ​Benefits coordination when more than one health insurance is available
  • Management of debt and related issues due to illness or disabilty
  • Guidance with Domstic Violence referrals and support systems


Our fees are aligned with the services and time required to manage what you need and will be discussed in advance of a service agreement.  Our fees are hourly and for all services provided plus mileage and drive time if applicable.  We may consider by project fees for short term projects with a deposit.

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